We are long the things that are going up, and short the things that are going down.

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Please note regarding Investor Inquiries: Totem Asset Group, LLC is a Member of the National Futures Association and registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor
and only provides services to Qualified Eligible Participants as defined in section 4.7 of the Commodity Exchange Act

Rules-based "Pure Trend" with zero equity market and zero options exposure
Long and short positions in 27 of the most-liquid exchange-traded futures markets in the United States
7 market sectors, 6 inter-commodity spread markets capture benefits of diversification

Our program has been designed specifically to be a cost-effective complement to an investor's traditional Stock, Bond, Real-Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital portfolio.

High Net Worth and Family Office investors may wish to allocate between 15-40% of their investible portfolio into liquid alternatives such as ours, and then further split between 3-5 capable managers. Trend following exposure comes in many forms, so even if you currently have investments with some of our peers, it may not hurt to gain even more diversifcation within this strategy subset.

Our very efficient use of capital and expertise in managing leverage offers sophisticated investors (QEP's) the opportunity to gain diversified market exposure in a notionally-funded Seperately Managed Account of minimum size $2M
at the Futures Commission Merchant of investor's choosing.